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How do I get to El Valle?

El Valle is located 125 km (77.67 mi) from Panama City - about a 90-minute drive. To get there you must take the Pan-American Highway and go past San Carlos until you reach the road that leads to El Valle (a 98 km drive). After reaching San Carlos look for the sign for the road up the mountain to El Valle. The road is well marked. From that point you must drive 28 km up the mountain and down to the village - a truly beautiful scenic drive.

If you are driving from the West (David, Santiago) start looking for the El Valle signs after you pass through Rio Hato and Anton. There are many signs directing you to the turn off to El Valle. If you reach San Carlos you have gone too far!

If you are riding a bus just tell the driver's helper you want to go to El Valle if you are on a through bus. He will let you off at the correct bus stop to catch a bus to El Valle. From Panama City you can buy a ticket to El Valle and you will be delivered there. 

Bus traffic to and from El Valle is frequent. There is no need to know the schedule of buses. They pass by every 15 minutes or so. Before you can finish asking when the next one is due it will probably be there!.

What clothes do I need in El Valle?  

Because of it's elevation, El Valle is very cool in the mornings and late evenings. Long sleeve shirts, light jackets or light sweaters are useful during these hours. Most of the year you will encounter light to heavy rains (December, January being the exceptions) making a "para agua" or umbrella a useful item.  If you plan to engage in exploring the rich, wild natural beauty of El Valle you will need tough walking or climbing shoes plus tough cloths for the climbs in the mountains and through the natural tropical growth you will encounter. 

General dress in El Valle is causal. You will be totally at ease in neat casual attire any place in the pueblo. There are excellent formal restaurants in El Valle where you will be comfortable in more dressy causal attire. Coats and ties are seldom seen in the pueblo!.

Is Information available on El Valle Real Estate? 

Yes. Enrique has extensive knowledge of the real estate market in and around El Valle. He will be happy to advise you based on his first hand knowledge of local real estate. Enrique is not a real estate agent but he can call on his personal knowledge and experience with local real estate to give you an insiders view of the local market. Just tell him your interests and he will be happy to share his knowledge with you.

What about laundry service and fixing my own food? 

 There is a Laundromat and facilities for doing your own clothes. Inquire at the hotel desk in David's Gift Shop. Also, a communal kitchen is available, the market next door sells fresh produce and fruits and there is a grocery store across the street. If you like bakery products you can find the very best at the local bakery within walking distance of the hotel, just past the Pizza Restaurant!

Can I do my email some place in El Valle? 

 There are a number of Internet access facilities in El Valle. For a very modest price you can check your email and surf the web. A community facility is also available in the local library adjacent to the Old Church on the main thoroughfare of the pueblo. Tourist or local, you will be welcomed there to use the computers interfaced to the Internet or to use the other library facilities.

Avenida Central frente a Super Centro YIN El Valle de Antón,  Panamá Tel: (507) -983-6536 Cell.: (507) 6615-9616, E-mail: residencialelvalle@hotmail.com